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Projects – Aeronautical/Aerospace

Turkish Aerospace LLSWT

Turkish Aerospace is constructing Europe’s second biggest subsonic wind tunnel in Ankara, Turkey. In May of 2019, Aiolos was contracted by Turkish Aerospace to provide overall design package for the facility which included interchangeable test sections: 6.4m x 4.8m large solid wall & open-jet test sections and 4.7m x 3.9m small solid-wall test sections; including various test techniques to make it state-of-the-art in aerodynamic/aeroacoustic testing.

Florida State University PSWT

The FSU Polysonic Wind Tunnel (PSWT) will be a blow down wind tunnel capable of testing in three speed regimes – subsonic, transonic, and supersonic. Aiolos was awarded contract by the Florida State University for the turnkey design and supply of the wind tunnel, including project management and final acceptance testing. Capable of wind speeds from MACH 0.2 to MACH 5.0, the facility has been operational for the FSU engineering graduate research programs since 2013.

Goodrich Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel

In the Summer of 2010, Aiolos was contracted by Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems for the turnkey supply of an Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel. Located in Burnsville, MN, the facility enables Goodrich to conduct testing on aircraft borne instrumentation to wind speeds as high as 0.88 MACH. The wind tunnel has been in operation since early 2012.

KARI LSWT Open Jet Test Section

Aiolos designed and commissioned the new open jet test section and model support system for the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) 3m x 4m Low Speed Wind Tunnel. This upgrade, complete with adjustable flap arrangement, enables KARI to conduct research and development testing of major helicopter components such as rotor blade and rotor hub. Upon completion of the facility commissioning in Fall 2007, Aiolos demonstrated wind speed, noise and static pressure fluctuations that were better than specified performance requirements.


Aiolos was contracted by Benham Constructors (now SAIC) as one of three “technology partners” to provide services for the NASA Glenn Research Center, Plum Brook Station. Aiolos’ scope for the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) included the chamber acoustic design, selection of the acoustic control system and prototype closed loop testing, design of the associated horns (25 Hz to 160 Hz), modulator selection and characterization testing, and design of the acoustic chamber doors. Aiolos partnered with the National Research Council Canada (IAR) for the modulator and Acoustic Control System (ACS) testing with the RATF, NASA simulates spacecraft launch and ascent acoustic environments. The facility officially opened in 2011 as part of the world’s largest Space Environmental Test Facility.

Boeing Environmental Test Facility

The Environmental Test Facility (ETF) is an aircraft climatic chamber designed and built by Aiolos for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems at the Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD). Aiolos provided turnkey design and supply of the facility, which has been operational since 2009.

NRC-IAR Inlet Air Treatment System

The Institute for Aerospace Research of the NRC in Ottawa Canada, is constructing a jet engine altitude test facility in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney Canada. The facility will be capable of testing turbojet engines over a wide range of altitude conditions. Aiolos was awarded a turnkey contract by the NRC to provide an Inlet Air Treatment System for this facility. The system is built around a turboexpander, providing the test cell with air conditioned to the appropriate temperature and pressure at a required altitude. The contract also includes supervisory controls for the entire facility. This facility has been operating since 2004.

CIRA Icing Wind Tunnel

Aiolos designed the four interchangeable solid/slotted/open wall test sections under contract to the former Turbo-Lufttechnik GmbH, now known as TLT-Turbo GmbH, for this advanced facility located in Capua, Italy. The facility, operational in 2002, can perform icing tests on aircraft components at a variety of atmospheric flight conditions, including altitude. High quality aerodynamic testing is also possible in this facility using various model support systems.

UTM Aeronautical Laboratory

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Johor Bahru awarded a contract to Aiolos to provide this laboratory, designated as a national facility for Malaysia. The flagship facility for this laboratory, operational in 2001, is a 2m x 1.5m low speed wind tunnel equipped to provide aerodynamic testing of aeronautical and automotive vehicles. Included in the turnkey contract was the enclosing building with laboratory rooms and offices.

NRC-IAR Boundary Layer Control System Upgrade to 9m LSWT

Aiolos provided an upgrade to the premier IAR 9m low speed wind tunnel located in Ottawa, Canada. A tandem suction box system was developed by Aiolos for the boundary layer control system, located on the floor ahead of the turntable. Acceptance testing for the upgrade was completed in 2000.

ADD Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Located in Daejon, Korea, this facility consists of a 3m x 2.25m solid/open wall low speed wind tunnel, a ¼ scale model wind tunnel and a ¼ scale water tunnel. The wind tunnel sets a new benchmark in flow quality for the solid wall test section and exceptionally low background noise in the open jet test section. Aiolos completed the detailed design, supplied major test technique hardware, and conducted extensive commissioning for the project in 1998 under contract to HICO of Korea.

CIRA Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LWST)

A major design effort was completed by Aiolos under contract to Turbo-Lufttechnik GmbH for a low speed wind tunnel planned by CIRA to be located in Capua, Italy. Aiolos had overall design responsibility for a facility which included interchangeable test sections: 7.2m x 5.5m slotted-wall & open-jet test sections; 4.4m x 5.5m solid-wall & open-jet test sections, including various test techniques to make it state-of-the-art in aerodynamic/aeroacoustic testing. The design was completed in 1996 when the project was put on hold.

European Space Agency/ESTEC Acoustic Chamber Upgrade

Aiolos was sole-sourced for a noise generator upgrade in the ESTEC Large European Acoustic Facility, previously designed by Aiolos staff in 1990. The project involved extensive development work, including proof-of-concept testing of a whistle-type noise generator originally patented by the NRC of Canada. The upgrade work was completed in 1995, enabling ESTEC to carry out a special satellite test not previously possible in any European chamber.